This Is The Best Summer Ever

by Atmosphery Pony

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released September 17, 2016



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Atmosphery Pony

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Track Name: This Is The Best Summer Ever
Hot sun on my fur
Cider in my hoof
Blue beach sparkling bright and
Hoofprints all over the sand

This is the best summer ever
Princess Celestia outdid her self
Breathing the sea breeze and palm trees
Let's get into the water

I'm gonna play beach ball with Spike and
I'm gonna splash Big Mac and Rarity
I'm gonna sunbath with Twilight and
I'm gonna eat muffins with ponies that like to eat muffins

DJ Pon-3 absolutely killing it

Gonna cannonball Scootaloo and Blaze
Gonna battle Dash in a paddle boat

Gonna ride some waves with Shining Armor
Gonna take a nap on a pool air mat

Gonna join Luna for snorkeling and
Play some volleyball with Apple Bloom

Sundown cider
Loungers pony friends
Relaxing waiting
'til midnight when DJ Pon-3 drops it a gain

Going bipedal

Put your hoofsies up high in the air
And now let's raise those hoofsies high up in the air
Now let's just put our hoofsies up high in the air
And then just dance along until Celestia brings up the sun again